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Model 375 - Aluminum Grilles


Construction shall be ADT straight pattern with all exposed metal to be aluminum or stainless steel. Continuous 5/16 horizontal rods are spaced 2" o.c. Links form vertical chains of eyeletted aluminum or stainless steel 3/4" wide. Chains are positioned using E-rings on 9" (6") (3") centers. Double E-rings to be furnish at ends to prevent grille from exiting guides. Bottom of grille shall be provided with tubular aluminum bottom bar. Bottom bar to house locking mechanisms.

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Model 500 - Titan


Consists of interlocking AT3 TITAN slats extruded aluminum type 6061-63. Designed to offer a flush appearance on both sides. Auto locking feature causes the curtain to resist opening when force is applied from under the bottom bar. Tubular construction minimizes bilateral deflection. Wall thickness is 16 gauge per side. Each end of alternate slats are to be assembled with polycast nylon end locks to maintain slat alignment and to act as a wearing surgace inside the guides. Nylon prevents metal to metal contact and reduces noise. Slats are designed to withstand windloads of a 20psf.

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